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11 lis 2010

Wywiad. PL | ENG


wywiad, który uznaję za szczególny. dość długi, więc nie komentuję niczego tutaj. enjoy!,1488,wywiad_chcialbym_umrzec_na_scenie.html


this interview is in polish, but you can try some as always funny work with automatic translator, below fragment/example, leaving like it is done ("The Cupid" is my favourite part):
"I do not feel either a musician or visual artist or a poet, nor anyone else of that nature. I am a Kucharczykiem Wojtek, a person of many talents, not appreciated, seeking. I suspect misunderstood, even by the end of the closest associates. Often, as a result of flashes of the obvious frustration, the real komplejnerem, which narzekaczem enough. But also in this complaint is always something that, because even as I sleep, I work. For me, none of the things that I do not translate to another. All are interconnected. You know the intriguing word Gesamtkunstwerk? It's a good term, provided that part of the total work is myself, I am not separated from it. What can I say ... I want to die on stage, give their all.Oh, quite a dramatic ending of the interview came out, but that's just life, is a constant balance between brightness and darkness. I know now, although now that I prefer dark clothes, not exotic flowers, I think that all around me is clear that slowly, I achieve a balance. Sober, purify myself. Therefore, I would also speak about the painful side of the action. Moving to Mexico probably just started this process, dominoes began to topple, wiped his eyes. More and more I feel the need of "The Cupid" I want my heart was in the Latin fashion blood red and burning."


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