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21 wrz 2011

new THE COMPLAINER single is out now!

from the upcoming album THE COMPLAINER - "THE SHRINE".
arranged, performed and produced by Wojciech Kucharczyk, with special vocal appearance by Asi Mina, Jacek Bronisławski and Jacek Paszek.
song written by Roland Orzabal / Ian Stanley, originally performed by Tears For Fears.
(P) 1984 Mercury Records Ltd, London
administered by Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society.
here for presentation only.

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17 wrz 2011

GO U "Jajecznica" in HQ

strikes! :-)

12 wrz 2011

Molr Drammaz - Skórzana Maska

this album evoked big interest in Mołr Drammaz's musik around 1999. it was also the beginning of cd-r releasing era and the boom of this media.
one of Mołr Drammaz highlights catching them, at very inspiring and high moment.

this music was prepared for theatre play with the same title, plot by Helmt Krauser, directed by Darek Gajewski, premiered in Teatr Dramatyczny, in Warsaw, on 7.12.1999

recenzje z epoki tutaj:


something, but double

9 wrz 2011

Molr Drammaz - w koncu! / finally!

MOŁR DRAMMAZ first CD from 2000, it came after bunch of cassettes, cd-rs and one 7". this music, beside some tracks, wasn't available so easily till NOW.

7 wrz 2011

Mołr Drammaz IS BACK.

Mołr Drammaz - very vs very

Mołr Drammaz "BOAZERIA"

less words, more music.

it was (is) the bestselling album of Mołr Drammaz.