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28 sty 2011

very old photo for a special reason

here we go:
photo made in 2004, before jumping above the Olza river in Cieszyn. this jump connected Poland and Czech Rep., above then still existing border, and i made it with help of Luaka Bop t-shirt (my favourite logo on and working). helmet indicates my additional care about safety. photo made with mobile phone, my first one able to do it (don't really remember who took it). story is longer, but in very short manner fits to present moment.
i put this photo here and now, because of this post:
and my spontaneous comment to that.
chain reaction spread in time! nice one!

ah, modern technology! 

Wyświetl większą mapę

actually i was jumping not from the roof of this house with A-baloon, but from the tree more down to the left on the river bank (houses have numbers, trees not yet)...

last days i have deja vus many, many times more than usual. jumping the various borderline rivers all the time. curious where i could land in the end!

greetings to the World from Poland, this time especially to Luaka Bop, David, Yale and allies.

here we go!


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